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Personal Accident Plan

Are you worried about the possibility of your family suffering needlessly in case you meet an accident? Perhaps you've heard one too many stories down the road: a coworker whose life savings was eaten away by an accidental injury... the children's college funds spent on expensive medication and rehab... You stay up late at night tossing and turning, hoping for a way to protect your own family from such a depressing fate. And you say to yourself: "If only they were wise enough to get a personal accident plan while he still could!"

Personal Accident Plan

Well, you don't have to suffer the same life-altering consequences as some other unfortunate people. With NACD's 24-Hour Personal accident plan, you can sleep soundly at night and go on with your day-to-activities without worry or fear for your family's future. NACD has got you covered if and when an accident or mishap occurs. You're prepared for virtually any emergency with your NACD 24-Hour personal accident plan.

Best of all, you can insure your other family members and loved ones as well. Anyone between 0 and 69 years old can avail of the 24-Hour personal accident plan without the hassle of time-consuming lab tests or doctor's exams.

You can enjoy the following benefits from NACD's 24-Hour Personal accident plan:

  • Payment for medical treatment for injuries caused by the accident.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment claims.
  • Worldwide emergency air ambulance privileges.
  • Acceptance from any doctor or hospital.
  • Direct payment of benefits to policy holder or beneficiaries.
  • Cut down on medical insurance deductibles.

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