Sports Injury Accident Insurance Plan

Sports Injury Accident Insurance

Accidental injuries can occur anywhere - at home, at school, at work. But if you or members of your family participate in recreational sports such as skiing, tennis, soccer, football, running, and weight lifting, your chances of having an accident that result in injury are greatly increased. Sports injuries can cost thousands of dollars. Charges for an emergency room visit, x-rays, treatment by  emergency personnel and follow-up visits to the doctor can add up to a major expense. Protect yourself against the cost of such emergencies by enrolling in 24-Hour Accident Insurance Plan, a comprehensive sports injury accident insurance plan from NACD.

NACD's accident insurance plan covers the costs of medical treatment for a sports injury or any other type of injury resulting from an accident. You are covered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

This sports injury accident insurance plan:

  • Pays actual charges for necessary medical treatment incurred after an accident causing injury, including outpatient surgery, drugs and medicines, and dental work as well as emergency room and hospital room care
  • Includes an Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit that covers loss of life as a result of an injury within one year of the accident and loss of limb and sight 
  • Covers emergency air ambulance expense anywhere in the world
  • Lets you chose the doctor and hospital
  • Pays benefits directly to you

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