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An outspoken writer once wrote: "There is no option with mandatory health insurance. One has to get it whether they like it or not. The only way to opt out of it is to die."

For such a harsh statement, there is some truth in it. Numerous states are requiring mandatory health insurance for everyone living in it. This law got mixed reactions from hundreds of people who don't see the need for a health insurance policy.

Most people often get their health insurance from their employers via a group health insurance plan. This allows them to get full coverage despite any pre existing conditions. Other group health insurance policies allow several members of the family to be included in the coverage. This employer's benefit is available until the employee leaves the said company.

Mandatory coverage will be a problem for unemployed people or even those working from home. They will need to obtain an expensive private insurance plan or else they would end up paying a huge fine to the government.

When you think about it, this required medical coverage is not just a hassle but a big expense as well. But you can take this requirement as something positive. You might think that you are very healthy, you don't need it or it's just a waste of your money. But sooner or later, illness and injuries may get to you. With illness there are expensive medicines, doctor's visits, and various tests to spend on. When this happens, you will thank your lucky stars you obtained the necessary mandatory health insurance plan.

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