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Low Cost Medical Insurance

The monthly premiums for an individual health insurance policy can be four hundred dollars or more per month for extensive coverage that has a low deductible and lots of extras. As a result many people think they can't afford any health insurance and take the risk of the devastating consequences of huge medical bills in the event they do become seriously ill or injured. Others elect to reduce the monthly cost by enrolling in a plan with a high deductible.

Value Med Low Cost Medical Insurance Plan

If any of this sounds familiar, All Aboard Benefits has good news for you. Value Med is a low cost medical insurance plan that is more affordable than the more expensive plans and can help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. This plan is designed to provide limited payment for common healthcare expenses and is best used as a supplement to other health insurance but can be used as a primary policy when other coverage is not available or financially feasible.

The low cost medical insurance coverage through Value Med helps pay for doctor office visits, hospital outpatient visits, hospital confinement, and ambulance services for you and your family members. Benefits include:

  • Payments that are paid directly to you*
  • There is no deductible or co-pays
  • Payment are made in addition to any other insurance you have
  • Available for ages 18 through 64
  • Dependent child coverage is available for full time students up to age 19 or 25*
  • Choose any doctor, hospital or licensed provider
  • Preexisting conditions incurred within the 12 month period preceding the effective date are covered after 12 months*
  • No rate increase due to your advanced age or declining health*
  • Guaranteed renewable to age 65

* Click the online quote link below and then use the "View Details" link to see more information.

No deductible, your choice of a facility and physician, coverage for the entire family...plus Value Med pays in addition to any other health insurance you may have! Do this sound like what you need? Click the link below to request a free online quote.

If you decide Value Med low cost medical insurance is the plan for you, complete your application online. Or, call All Aboard Benefits toll-free at 1-800-462-2322 or send an email to sales@allaboardbenefits.net to speak with one of our agents.