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Having Trouble With Insurance Pre Existing Conditions?

Do you have heart disease, diabetes, asthma or other serious illness? Have you been constantly visiting doctors for checkups and treatments? Are you tired of constantly paying those ridiculously high fees?

You may have finally decided to get your own health insurance plan to help with your medical expenses. However, when you applied for coverage, you were denied.

What's the point of having insurance policies when they would just deny you because of your medical condition or as they call it, "pre existing conditions?"

You are not alone. In fact, hundreds of individuals have been denied health insurance because of these pre existing conditions. Some are often subjected to a waiting period, which often ends only after a minimum of two years, before they are allowed to get coverage.

Most people don't agree with this waiting period, after all if a person is sick now, why wait to get medical attention? It is really amazing what excuses some health insurance companies can come up with to deny coverage to people who only have a bad back or leg. In some cases even pregnant women are denied since they consider pregnancy as an insurance pre existing condition.

What are the alternatives for those who really want to get health insurance? One can either shop for the lowest rate for partial health insurance coverage and just use the money you save to treat your self out of pocket or find a health insurance that offers guaranteed-issue types of policies wherein whatever medical history or insurance pre existing condition an individual may have, you won't be disapproved.

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