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Individual Medical Insurance

Going without Individual Medical Insurance is unwise and can put you at great physical and financial risk. Accidents and illness can happen without warning, and medical treatments can be very expensive. Having Individual Medical Insurance means knowing many of your health expenses will be covered.

Shopping for Individual Medical Insurance can be a confusing, time-consuming and often a daunting task. The professional and experienced agents at All Aboard Benefits makes purchasing Individual Medical Insurance fast and easy. We offer policies from virtually all the major Individual Health Insurance companies that can provide you with the following benefits:

•    Flexibility, not a prepackaged one size fits-all Individual Medical Insurance policy, but rather an Individual Medical Insurance policy to cover your needs now and the flexibility to fit your needs in the future.
•    Choices that help you control the monthly cost of your Individual Medical Insurance protection and limits your out-of-pocket medical care cost, including the choice of deductibles and your choice of medical providers.

•    Individuality to select coverage for you, your family or just your children.

Learn how truly fast and easy it is to provide yourself with Individual Medical Insurance by clicking this link GET A QUOTE! for a free instant quote or complete your application online.

If you prefer to speak with an agent, call us direct at 214-821-6677 or toll free at 1-800-462-2322 or send an email to sales@allaboardbenefits.net and an All Aboard Benefits agent will be happy to assist you.

Medical Insurance for Individuals

Make sure you have the medical coverage you need.

Individual medical coverage is invaluable when it comes to your health, not to mention the financial future for you and your family. Make sure you're prepared for any unplanned medical needs with individual medical insurance through a reliable vendor.

At All Aboard Benefits, out team of insurance experts understand the variety of medical risks individuals face every day. Unlike traditional insurance carriers, we offer a broad portfolio of insurance products, including:

  • Preventative care for your family
  • Supplemental cancer products
  • High-deductible plans for HSA eligibility
  • Long-term or permanent medical coverage

All Aboard Benefits provides our clients with medical insurance coverage options, such as:

  • A variety of copay and deductible amounts
  • Health Savings Account
  • Short-Term and long-term coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Dental and vision plan options
  • Health and wellness program discounts
  • Online health management
  • 24/7 medical assistance hotline

Individual medical insurance is suitable for persons who are self-employed, unemployed or employed part-time. This type of policy is also appropriate for early retirees and people not eligible for membership in a group insurance plan.

Are you seeking coverage outside of your employer's plan? Are you self-employed or unemployed? All Aboard Benefits can assist you in finding the right insurance plan that suits your lifestyle, your budget and your medical needs.

All Aboard Benefits offers free online quotes for individual medical insurance from the best carriers in the global insurance industry. Contact us today to receive additional information on the coverage you need to protect your medical needs.