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Individual and Family Dental Insurance Plan

Individual and Family Dental Insurance Plan

An individual and family dental insurance plan supplements your general health insurance with benefits that save you money on preventative and diagnostic dental services such as periodic oral exams, teeth cleaning, x-rays, teeth fillings, crowns and root canal.

All Aboard Benefits proudly offers multiple dental soltuions and dental insurance plans that accept everyone in your family. You can start using the dental benefits right away.

You can choose to go to one of the 75,000 nationwide Network Providers or, pay a little more out of your pocket, and use an out of network dentist or clinic.

Click the link above to get your free quote, view plan details, and then fill out an online application.

How much is good dental health worth to you? Click the online quote above and you'll be surprise how affordable coverage can be. Under this Individual and family dental insurance plan basic preventative services such as teeth cleaning and oral exams are covered 100%. For major services such as root canals, crowns, surgical extraction, discounts up to 48% are provided.

Don't overlooked your dental health until a problem arises. Let All Aboard Benefits help you be prepared by enrolling in a dental health plan today. Use the instant quote link above to enroll online or give us a call at 214-821-6677 or toll-free at 1-800-462-2322. We can also be reached via email at customerservice@allaboardbenefits.net.

As an independent agency, All Aboard Benefits can offer you the best domestic and international insurance policies from virtually all of the major carriers in the health insurance industry. Do you have questions or need more information? One of our agents will be happy to assist you.