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Being overweight is tough. It is often hard to find great looking clothes that fit, sit comfortably in airplane seats or get a health insurance.

Yes, you've read it right. Health insurance for overweight folks is hard, sometimes seemingly impossible to even get. Most health insurance companies decline applications from people who are overweight since they have decided that obesity or being overweight is a health risk. Being overweight often comes with several health complications such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other illness. For health insurance companies, it is a great liability to provide full coverage to someone who often gets treatments for several illnesses. It is quite frustrating to think that these health insurance companies deny health coverage to those who badly need them.

However, there are some health insurance companies that understand overweight people's needs. Health insurance for overweight people comes in a hefty price albeit, worth it. These insurance plans' rates are higher up to 50% than the regular premium rate. For those who can afford it, they can enjoy full health insurance coverage.

For individuals who can't afford the full coverage health insurance for overweight people, they can always opt for a much lower premium but with a insurance rider. An insurance rider allows full coverage of any illness except those triggered by your pre existing conditions or those illnesses connected to your being overweight. Some people may think that it is quite ironic, since these overweight related illness is the deciding factor in which they want to get a health insurance. But a little coverage is better than no coverage at all.

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