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Eye Care Insurance Policy

Eye Care Insurance Policy

An eye care insurance policy supplements your general health insurance with benefits covering the cost of vision-related exams, surgical procedures and materials such as eyeglasses, lenses, frames and contacts.

Spectera's Vision for Everyone policy from All Aboard Benefits offers comprehensive eye care insurance coverage with no waiting periods, no deductibles, low co-pays.

For example, a complete vision examination by a participating optometrist or ophthalmologist is allowed every 12 months with a $15 co-pay each year.

The cost of a pair of prescribed single vision or standard lined multifocal lenses are covered every 12 months with a $25 co-pay each year.

After a $25 co-pay each year, this eye care insurance policy's contact lense benefit covers in full the fitting and evaluation fees, contacts and up to two follow up visits. This could be up to four boxes of disposable contacts, depending on the prescription and plan selected.

Doesn't it make sense to enroll in an eyecare insurance policy where these vision-related needs are covered without having a lot of out-of-pocket expense or hassle trying to arrange for coverage through your general health insurance plan?

Use the links below to learn more about the vision insurance offered by All Aboard Benefits. Or, if you are ready to enroll, get a free online quote and fill out your application online, or print an application and return it to us directly.

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