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Long-Term Care Insurance

"Minimize the impact on your estate and maximize your control over your long term care"

What is Long-Term Care?

Long-term care insurance (LTC) is a term which describes a variety of services in the area of health, personal care and social needs for a person who is chronically ill or infirm, regardless of age. Long-term care insurance safeguards your personal assets, allows you to be the decision maker and guards against sole dependence on Medicaid as the only solution to providing long-term health care services.

Who will Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

Recent studies based on nursing home admissions indicate that 40% of all persons age 65 and over will enter a nursing home in the future. Long-term care, however, is not limited to the elderly but may be required by a person of any age who experiences diminished abilities over an extended period of time.

The management of risk is a crucial part of financial planning. The potential need for long-term care is a genuine risk. The prudent estate owner will examine long-term care insurance to see if it has a proper place in his or her overall financial plan. Once the disabling condition appears, it is obviously too late to act.

Can Medicare and Medicaid Help Pay for Long Term Care?

Medicaid is a welfare program funded by both federal and state government. It was enacted to provide health care services for the truly improvised of our nation. Eligibility for benefits under the Medicaid program is determined by each state, based on an individual's assets and income.

According to a recent study, Medicare paid for less than 2% of nursing home expenses and, for those who qualified, Medicaid paid for 42% of nursing home expenses, with the patient and his or her family paying over one-half of these costs. Such conditions can rapidly deplete personal assets and have devastating consequences.

Advantages of Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance can provide advantages such as:

  • Asset/Estate Protection
  • Personal control of health care service decisions, including place, plan and level of care
  • Provision for inflation
  • Home care coverage in the insured's home
  • LTC benefits can be excluded from income, for qualifying contracts

How to Get a Quote for Long-Term Care Insurance

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