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What to Do If You've Been Turned Down For Health Insurance

Have you been constantly turned down for medical coverage? Getting rejected by one health insurance company can be a hassle. In fact, it can make getting coverage at another insurance company difficult. Several medical coverage providers often ask their applicant if they have been previously turned down for health insurance. Your answer on this question would often be a deciding factor on whether they will provide you full health coverage.

There are several reasons why some health insurance companies reject coverage applications. One of them is the pre existing condition of the applicant. Pre existing conditions involves the applicant's medical history. If you are want to get health insurance and you have been diagnosed with HIV, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or any other number of illnesses, chances are you will be turned down for medical coverage. Obesity and pregnancy are also considered as a pre existing condition too.

If you have suffered any of these illnesses in the past, it is best to do a lot of research before applying for any health insurance to prevent getting a rejection in your record. Different insurance companies have different view and rules on whom they get to accept or turn down for health insurance. Some companies may outright decline your application as soon as they learn of your pre existing conditions, while some may provide full coverage but with an increase in the premium rate of up to 200 percent. If you are one of the lucky ones, other health insurance companies might offer a really good rate while some might offer an insurance policy that limits coverage especially to your pre existing conditions.

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