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Individual Vision Insurance Plan

Individual Vision Insurance Plan

Protect your eyesight through proper prevention and care with VSP, an individual vision insurance plan that offers yearly co-pays of $15 and $25 to cover the costs of vision-related examinations, surgical procedures, and materials such as lenses and frames.

VSP's individual vision insurance plan features:

  • A complete vision examination by a participating optometrist or ophthalmologist is provided every 12 months with a $15 copay.
  • If prescribed; a pair of single vision or standard lined multifocal
    lenses are provided every 12 months with $25 copay.
  • A $130 allowance every 24 months; towards a frame of your choice
    (20% off the amount over your allowance).
  • Or a $130 allowance for the contact lens exam and contact lenses
    (if you choose contact lenses you will be eligible for a frame 12 months from the date the contact lenses were obtained).

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Vision Insurance for Individuals

Through All Aboard Benefits, affordable vision insurance is in sight.

Your vision is important and having an adequate vision insurance plan is critical to your health and well being. A vision insurance plan is suitable for persons who are self-employed, unemployed, employed part-time or for individuals who simply prefer to find coverage outside of their employer's insurance plan. This type of policy is also appropriate for early retirees and people not eligible for membership in a group insurance plan.

All Aboard Benefits specializes in providing vision insurance coverage to you no matter what situation you're in. We can assist you in finding the right vision insurance plan that suits your lifestyle, your budget and your medical needs.

Some Plan Features Include:

  • Annual Examination: $10.00 copay
  • Materials: $25 copay
  • No deductibles
  • No waiting periods
  • No copay for contacts
  • Your choice of network providers
  • One pair of standard frames each 24 months
  • One pair of single vision or standard lined multi-focal lenses or contact lenses each 12 months
  • Benefits provided in and out of network
  • Discounts on laser vision correction

At All Aboard Benefits, out team of insurance experts understands the importance of having adequate vision insurance and can assist you in finding a vision plan specifically tailored to your unique vision coverage needs.

All Aboard Benefits offers free online quotes for individual vision insurance from the best carriers in the global insurance industry.

Contact All Aboard Benefits today to receive additional information on the coverage you need to protect your vision.