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Most people agree, health insurance is a must for you and your family. But unfortunately, not everyone is entitled to get it. Uninsurable or high risk individuals who apply for health insurance are immediately declined. High risk individuals are those who are currently or have been suffering from illness such as heart attack, stroke, HIV, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, regenerative arthritis, kidney disease and diabetes. Other insurance companies also classify overweight people and pregnant women as high risk individuals.

Since it is close to impossible for these high risk individuals to obtain a health insurance, it's a great thing that numerous states are offering high risk insurance pools. It acts just like a safety net for uninsurable individuals to get covered. A high risk insurance pool maybe available in your state. High risk insurance pool's rates can double or triple compared to the normal rate for a health insurance. A high risk insurance pool is often the last resort for most individuals with pre existing conditions since this is the closest thing they can get to a health insurance, a high risk insurance pool is better than nothing. It is better to pay large premiums for the high risk pool insurance than frequently shelling out large amount of money for emergency or routine medical care.

The high risk insurance pools are run by the state. Therefore to be eligible, one must be a resident of the said state for at least six months to a year. Find out now if your state offers high risk insurance pools and be finally insured.

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