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Health Insurance for Diabetes: A Life Saver

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world. People with diabetes produce none or a little amount of insulin which is needed for the body to get energy.

Based on experience, people who suffer from diabetes cough up huge amounts of money on pills and injections to maintain their level of insulin in order to keep diabetes in check. Add up the fees for doctors, tests and other prescription drugs needed and the amount is quite staggering. In addition, this is not just for a month or a year, this is a lifetime of maintenance.

It would have been very helpful for diabetes sufferers to have health insurance coverage. But unfortunately, people with diabetes are not eligible for any just any type of health insurance. In short, most providers consider them to be uninsurable. People who are uninsurable or have pre existing conditions such as heart attack, stroke or type 1 diabetes history are often disapproved in applying for health insurance. It is definitely unfortunate since these people need the coverage the most.

There is still hope for sufferers to get a diabetes health insurance plan though. If you are currently working and your employers is offering group health insurance, then you are covered. Group health insurance is guaranteed issue, therefore there is no way you can be rejected or denied because of your diabetes. However the cost is high and not everyone has this option available.

Fortunately there are other options available. Do your research and ask questions. There is a way to get the best diabetes health insurance plan that is suited for you. Health insurance is important and should be enjoyed by everyone. More so if you already have a current medical condition.

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