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Have You Been Declined Health Insurance?

Being declined for health insurance is unfortunate especially when you really need it. It can be really frustrating to find out that you are not eligible for health insurance even though you can afford to pay for the premiums.

There are actually several reasons why health insurance companies reject coverage applications. Most people with medical histories of heart attack, strokes, diabetes, arthritis or sclerosis are often almost automatically declined. Overweight people and pregnant women are described as having pre existing conditions too; therefore they are declined health insurance as well.

Though it can be truly challenging, if one has been declined health insurance there is something you can do. Like everything else in this world, there are exceptions where those previously declined can finally avail of the much needed medical coverage.

If you can afford it, increase your premium. There are actually several health insurance companies that accept coverage for people with pre-existing conditions thought at a much higher rate of up to 50%. It may be quite step but with full medical coverage for your illness, who can complain.

Allow a rider, permanent or not, in your policy. Health insurance companies often put a rider in an uninsurable individuals policy. For the permanent riders, it would mean that the company will cover everything but your pre-existing condition. For non-permanent riders, your pre existing conditions will only be covered after a specific duration, maybe after two to three years. Though these riders may not sound great at first, make serious considerations since you will be covered for everything else.

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