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Disability Insurance

"Protect your most valuable asset
the ability to earn an income"

Accident Disability Income Insurance Policy

What is Accident Disability Income Insurance?

Disability insurance provides you with income replacement if you have an accident and are unable to perform the duties required for your chosen profession or you become incapacitated and are unable to work. There are individual insurance policies and specialized contracts available to the businessperson for business overhead expense (staff salaries, rent, telephone, malpractice, etc.), key person disability (reimbursement for loss of key employee and funding of replacement and training of a successor) and disability buyout (income to fund a buy/sell agreement).

Who Needs an Accident Disability Insurance Policy?

While most Americans insure their lives and material assets, like their homes, cars, etc., many overlook the need to protect their most valuable asset - the ability to earn an income.

Insurance claim studies indicate that the odds of becoming disabled for 90 days or longer are much greater than dying during one's work years.

At age 27 = 2.7 times greater
At age 42 = 3.5 times greater
At age 52 = 2.2 times greater

Where Can I Get More Information About Disability Insurance?

If you prefer to speak directly with an agent, call our office at 214-821-6677 or toll-free 1-800-462-2322 and we will answer your questions and quote you the plan that will best meet your needs. Or, click here to email us.

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